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A reader says:

"Thyroid, immune problems, hormone adjustment, energy loss. I consulted with Dr. Hayle Aldren because of a complex and very difficult to treat auto-immune thyroid disorder. Finally this disorder was effectively treated, Dr. Aldren has an extensive research background in internal medicine which helped immensely. Other medical conditions were also addressed including hormone imbalances. Dr. Aldren was by far the most effective physician I've run into." (July 2008)



Reviews from Freshbooks:

“Dr. Aldren thinks out of the box and comprehensively. He's been very flexible with me. I've felt like we've partnered.” - L.M.

“Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, kind, cares about the patient. The best.” - J.N.

“Dr Aldren has a vast knowledge and a true gift for digging to the root cause of illness. kind patient and intelligent.” S.S. and D.F.

“Dr. Aldren is brilliantly well informed on health issues. He has been my doctor for about 10 years now. I would highly recommend him.” - R.G.

“He is the smartest man and Dr. we know!” - R.P.

“Dr. Aldren is brilliant. He really listens to health concerns and is able to determine the source of the problem. I believe he saved my son’s life when traditional medical doctors were saying nothing was wrong. If Dr. Aldren partnered with medical insurance, our family would see no one else.” - S.B.



Miscellaneous online reviews: 

“The shots were completely pain free and I have had injections from my medical doctor that hurt so bad but the relief only lasted 2 days... Give them a chance to help you like I did.” - Anonymous Patient

“I’ve been to a number of different doctors, etc., for knee pain relief during the 30+ years I have suffered with a bad knee. FINALLY! Yes!! I have been pain free, for nearly 6 months... Thank you! Thank you!! THANK you! I can now dance again and I'm thrilled.” - Anonymous Patient

“My left knee was so bad I could hardly walk. I drive from Prescott, AZ to Phoenix, AZ every 6 months for 4 injections... The staff was excellent and compassionate. Dr. Aldren was exceptionally very professional and very thorough. The treatment for the left knee after only 4 treatments was amazingly fantastic. I then began injections in the right knee also. Both of my knees are pain free. flexible, and I will not need (nor do I want) any type of surgery.” - B.V.

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