Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction


GAINSWave (ESWT Sound Waves)

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), commercially known as GAINSWave, uses high frequency, acoustic waves that, when applied to the male genitals, can break up decades of scarring and micro-plaque in existing blood vessels, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels responsible for stronger erections. Learn more here.

PRP and P Shot

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate made from your own blood at the time of treatment and is injected into damaged areas to jump-start healing and regeneration. When gently activated and instilled into blood spaces in the penis by Dr. Aldren, it is known as the Priapus shot or P shot, and can be combined with other solutions. Learn more here.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Erection strength and ejaculation force, and even bladder control, are enhanced by proper training of muscles in the pelvic floor and male genitals. Like GAINSWave and PRP, EMS also stimulates greater blood supply, and can accomplish this much faster and more efficiently than Kegel and other forms of exercise. EMS also strengthens the vital muscles at the base of penis that are needed to help transform penile fullness into rigidity during erection, as well as to stabilize and maintain the angle of erection. This is important in effectively treating all types of erectile dysfunction, especially in venous leak ED. EMS is very synergistic with GAINSWave and PRP in treating ED.

Neural Therapy

When nerve function is disturbed, this versatile but little-known technique from German homeopathy and acupuncture acts as a reboot of the nerve signals for an erection and for skin sensitivity. It is especially useful in treating scar tissue. Circumcision scars contribute to ED in some men and may also be a cause of penile pain during intercourse.

Tao (Dao) and Tantra

These ancient traditions had a great interest in maximizing and prolonging sexual vitality, and developed many techniques, tinctures and tonics, which Dr. Aldren finds can unexpectedly enhance modern medical methods.

Vacuum Pumps

These are suction devices (manual or battery powered) that pull blood into the penis and were once the only way to obtain an artificial erection. Today they have found new life as a tool to exercise the penis at home in between Dr. Aldren’s primary ED treatments, and are an important part of penile rehabilitation.

PDE5 Inhibitor (PDE5i) Drugs

A number of oral medications are available in the U.S. for treating erectile dysfunction, with Viagra as one of the most well-known. They help relax blood vessels and temporarily increase blood flow to your penis, making it easier to achieve an erection with sufficient stimulation. Because they often stop working after a while, can have side effects, and don’t treat the root cause, these pharmaceuticals are not the primary foundation for Dr. Aldren’s treatment of ED. Dr. Aldren’s pharmacists are able to customize doses and formulas to help them work better and act quicker with fewer side effects. They can play a definite supporting role in sexual rehabilitation if needed. They are very compatible with blood flow treatments, especially in the early stages, and can also be used as boosters for special occasions. If the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction are addressed, it may be possible to eventually reduce (or in some cases eliminate) dependence on these drugs. Effectively treating underlying causes of ED may also restore your response to PDE5i drugs if they had previously stopped working at some point.

Cavernosal (IC) Injections (Tri-Mix, Caverject etc.)

These drugs mimic chemicals in the body that trigger an erection and are often recommended by doctors if none of the drugs in the Viagra family give the desired result. Combining several drugs into one shot usually works better and is more comfortable. A prescription formula with 3 ingredients is called a Tri-Mix, and one with four is known as a Quad-Mix. Dr. Aldren can customize a mixture for each patient who chooses to add this treatment to his program. A variation where the main drug is put into a suppository and inserted into the urinary opening, instead of being injected, is called a urethral insert (MUSE system). A topical form where the drugs are made into a cream rubbed on the penis is not yet approved in the United States. Patients can be taught to do these shots at home, using a single pinprick injection directly into the penis. This leads to an erection lasting up to 60 minutes once the optimal dose is found. Tri-Mix injections can play an optional but definite supporting role in sexual rehabilitation programs during the time when the root causes of ED are undergoing treatment by Dr. Aldren.

Hormone Replacement

Although balancing and replenishing key hormones (sex hormones, thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic, hypothalamic and pituitary) is not, by itself, usually a high-value treatment for reversing erectile dysfunction, it can definitely support and help maintain the beneficial effects of other primary ED treatments. Carefully done, it can have great value in reversing the detrimental effects of premature aging. However, testosterone replacement that is not personalized, or is not regularly monitored with the right kind of laboratory tests, can actually worsen erectile dysfunction and cause other complications. Learn more here.

Other Supportive Therapies

Based on medical research, Dr. Aldren’s treatment program for ED also includes personalized dietary recommendations, as well as specific types of strength and interval training exercises. He is happy to also work with your nutritionist or dietician, and with your trainer or physical therapist. The wrong kind of diet or exercise can slow down progress.

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